Foto di Matilena Dagres
Matilena Dagres Marketing & Communication Manager

As in design, marketing and communication are designed for - and with - people. I believe in the power of data and the flicker of intuition to create valuable strategies. To me, unfortunately, the funnel is probabilistic and a bit paradoxical, just like Schrödinger's cat.

I would call the professional decade after reaching the age of eighteen exploratory and the next one consolidative (I am not yet 30!).

I have had a wide range of experiences - even reorienting my decisions - always remaining consistent with a clear and defined professional frame. Today, these connected dots provide me with a map of skills and expertise that help me find my way in the boundless field of marketing and communication.

If I had stuck to the choices I made when I was eighteen, I would be a journalist today and perhaps talk about sport or history (I do it anyway, but not professionally). I would prefer manuscripts to digital and the first thing that comes to my mind if I hear archetypes is a stemma codicum.

I took the first steps of my career by doing radio commentary and scoreboards from the football fields while I was attending Literature classes. I helped develop a campus web-tv and worked with the University's institutional TV channel to document academic and recreational initiatives. Filming, editing and many interviews, often improvised. The most difficult one? The one with Dario Fo. I thought there couldn't be a clever enough question.

At about 24, I joined a pharmaceutical cooperative - in the Marketing department. I worked on a project for a network of affiliated pharmacies, coordinating activities in the shops. All the initiatives were designed to focus on services and people's health: this sounds particularly familiar to me today.

After more than three years I decided to spend six months abroad. Well, I could have chosen better. I had a nice experience in close contact with European institutions. However, Brussels was not the city where I really wanted to stay. My love for the French language should have brought me à Paris.

I celebrated my homecoming by further studying: sentiment analysis, semiotics, web reputation. Finally, I yield to digital.

My former boss and now dear friend found me on LinkedIn typing these keywords. I divided my time between the headquarters of a public and integrated communication agency with a European vocation in Abruzzo (where I was born and raised), and co-working in Bologna (this is where I live) at Serre dei Giardini Margherita. I worked as a Qualitative Researcher, moving between analysis of communication systems and languages, research and observation of trends and evolving cultural models as well as support in the definition of creative concepts.

About a year and a half later, my long adventure in a top independent digital agency in Italy began. Initially in the content and creative area and then as Account Manager. I coordinated several projects with a strategic and consulting approach, contributing to their growth and also acquiring Project Management skills. I dealt with clients from different industries and different working teams: UX, Marketing Technology, SEO, Digital Analytics, Adv, Content. Four and a half years passed and I learned a lot.

Tangible and I met: too many affinities not to choose each other. So here I am, with my new title of Marketing and Communication Manager. Writing a new chapter together, letting people know about all the good things we are doing without forgetting all the things we still have to do together.


“δεν μπιραζει": my ode to lightness lies in my (half) Greek DNA

I would love to fill the house with Legos and flowers
If I had a cat, I would name it Spritz.
I am fascinated by quantum physics. Offer me a salted caramel crepe and we'll get off on the right foot. I am the mother of a wonderful son, who at eight is wiser than me.

At these coordinates, in the shade of a plane tree, my thoughts may be found:
N 37° 33’ 58’’
E 22° 47’ 47’’